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Transportation For Seniors

Whether it’s going to the grocery store or visiting friends, transportation is an essential part of living independently for many seniors. For some, it’s an escape from loneliness and isolation, and for others, it’s a necessary lifeline to other vital services.

When it comes to getting around, the options vary widely from area to area. Larger cities usually have robust public bus, train and trolley lines that can take travelers to almost anywhere within the city limits. Smaller towns and rural areas might have volunteer organizations or nonprofits that provide transportation for medical and errand trips. Generally, these services are prebooked and arranged well in advance, which may not be convenient for someone who is a spontaneous type of traveler.

In addition to these services, some non-emergency The Bus Centre medical transportation (NEMT) benefits are available through Medicare or Medicaid. This type of transportation covers healthcare-related trips such as a visit to the dentist, pharmacy or doctor’s office and is offered free of charge to seniors who are enrolled in one of these programs.

Other local aging and disability services programs also offer rides for a nominal fee. For example, Boulder, Colorado’s Via Mobility Services provides a transport service for seniors and people with disabilities that is comparable to commercial transit options, such as Access-A-Ride, but is specifically geared towards older persons and people with disabilities. Those with limited mobility can request a wheelchair-friendly vehicle or driver to help them with loading and unloading. Pros: A dependable, convenient and cost-effective option. Cons: A fixed schedule for pickup and drop-off and may require seniors to walk or use a wheelchair to get to the nearest bus stop or train station.

Taxi services are another transportation option for seniors. Although they tend to be more expensive than shuttle services or public transportation, taxis can pick up and drop off from front doors, which makes them a great option for those with mobility issues that would make walking long distances difficult or unsafe. Taxis also give seniors the freedom to travel where and when they want, without having to plan ahead or wait for a ride.

In addition, taxi companies are now offering apps that allow seniors and their loved ones to order a ride from their smartphones. These apps are easy to use, convenient and can be a good option for those who don’t have the ability to schedule transportation in advance. However, they can also be expensive if used frequently. For this reason, it’s a good idea for seniors to consider other options that can be cheaper in the long run.