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The Oakes Law Group – Lansing Is a Small Town Firm With Big City Creds

The Oakes Law Group – Lansing, Michigan is an example of a small town law firm with big city credentials. In fact, the company’s office in Lansing, MI, generates a modest $422,204 in annual revenues. At the same time, the company provides legal services to a wide variety of individuals and small businesses. Whether you are a consumer with a case against a large pharmaceutical company or an auto accident victim, the Oakes Law Group – Lansing may have the solution for you.

The Oakes Law Group – Lansing is the brainchild of Michael L. Oakes, who was born and raised in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Jackson State University, Oakes enrolled at Oakes Law Group Michigan State University School of Law. This was the beginning of a legal career that has spanned over two decades. He has represented hundreds of clients against Fen-Phen manufacturers and is currently handling hundreds of cases for residents of Porter Ranch, California affected by the Aliso Canyon gas leak.

As Oakes Law Group – Lansing’s website indicates, the Oakes Group has the experience, expertise, and resources to tackle any legal issue that you might encounter. Some of the company’s most common areas of practice include personal injury, criminal defense, business litigation, and collections. If you have a question, feel free to contact the attorneys at Oakes Law Group – Lansing for a free case evaluation. They can also provide you with a list of other legal professionals in your area who can serve as your personal advisors.

Another tidbit about the Oakes Law Group – Lansing’s office is that the company is one of the few firms in the city that are actually located in a building that was originally built in 1921. While it might seem like a strange choice for a legal office, the building has a long history in the Swan River Valley and was once owned by the town of Swan River. Eventually, the building was sold to a lawyer named Florence Matthews, who converted the building into a public library.

One of the best parts of the Oakes Law Group – Lansing’s small offices is the ability to speak with its lawyers in person. Not only is this a convenience, but it is also a practical way to get an in depth consultation about your legal needs. Aside from the typical face to face meetings, the firm provides its clients with the option of speaking via zoom or over the phone. Additionally, the firm has received referrals from other attorneys and past clients, and a number of cases have been mentioned in the media.

Despite the firm’s size and location, Oakes Law Group – Lansing’s staff of five is able to meet your legal needs with the utmost professionalism. From car accidents to prescription drug and credit card fraud claims, the Oakes Group – Lansing has you covered. Having the right attorney by your side is the most prudent move you can make in the event that you are facing a court appearance.