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Premium Quality Gold Cuban Chains

Premium Quality Gold Cuban Chains

As we see endless Central Bank printing becoming the default mode of the Twenty First Century, there is some speculation that it may lead to hyperinflation and a return to traditional safe haven assets such as precious metals. This would likely push more consumers into buying high quality jewelry including gold Cuban link chains down the road. However, the appreciation of gold should be a secondary benefit of purchasing a Cuban link chain and not a primary motivating factor.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a chain Premium Quality Gold Cuban Chains that is about 1/10th the width of your neck. This will keep the chain from being too tight and uncomfortable, while also ensuring that the links do not become loose or damaged over time. The chain should be worn with a solid clasp, such as the classic box lock. Avoid wearing the chain with clothing or other jewellery that could snag or scratch the links. It is recommended to have the chain professionally cleaned and inspected by a jeweller every two years.

Gold is a rare and precious metal that is used to create luxurious jewellery and heirlooms. A gold chain is a great way to add an aura of luxury and class to any outfit.

In his video, Eric explains that although people might use the term Cuban link differently and might even refer to them as Franco chains or Curb chains, the type of chain he is discussing is a true Miami Cuban chain. He also points out that the chain can be made from any color of gold. Some of these include yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and can be combined with silver or other metals to change the color of the final design.

He recommends choosing a chain that is at least 14k in purity and not skimping on the price by going with 10k (since total labor costs for a 14k chain are higher than that of a lower purity chain). He also suggests keeping the chain away from chemicals and extreme temperatures which can damage it over time.